The new brand that loves them as much as you do!

With FIDELAMI you support the actions of the SPA and you contribute to feed animals in refuge. The SPA has chosen FIDELAMI.

Cuddly cat mascot

This funny blue cat with short legs, erect ears and a curled up tail embodies the image of our brand FIDELAMI BRAND. The cat and dog cuddly toys are intended for fans of our for fans of our two mascots. This pretty polyester textile toy has a knotted rope running through it for greater resistance. To try it is to adopt it! Hand washable.

Recycled fabric collar

Necklace mainly made of polyester yarn made from 100% recycled PET. made from 100% recycled PET. Recycled polyethylene terephthalate rPET is a material made from collected and recycled plastic collected and recycled plastic bottles.

Premium collar

Fidelami offers a non-slip Premium dog collar, waterproof and anti-heating for an excellent grip. grip. Very good quality finish of the buckles.

Reflective necklace

Take a walk in the dark with confidence with this blue necklace with a reflective geometric pattern.

Our choices

The brand FIDELAMI loves our friends dogs and cats and has chosen not to forget to...


Recyclable packaging designed with less material and using less or no plastic.


Products selected by the SPA. Imagined and designed in France, they respect animals, humans, and the environment. They comply with REACH regulations.


Products developed with animal welfare experts, behaviourists, veterinarians, pet sitters, groomers, etc.

They talk about us

Contacted to participate in the project, I was very quickly seduced by well-designed accessories that are more respectful of the dog. As a professional in animal behavior and dog training, I have a crush on the Dynamic 3 functions harness, both very versatile and comfortable. For me, FIDELAMI is a brand committed to animal welfare and to the comfort of our four-legged friends.
Stéphane Mehl , Animal behaviorist (38)
When Ria sees me taking her collar and her Fidelami leash, she feels that our appointment is approaching. Every Saturday morning we go to join Stéphane on the dressage field ....
Maud , Arbois en Bugey (01)
I gave this gift to Romy, my neighbors' dog, a few months ago. Since then she is proud to welcome me every night with her Fidelami bone.
Philippe , Velanne (38)
Among the different Fidelami products to test, our white Shepherd Singha chose Lili, the recycled cow blanket. She doesn't move anymore without forgetting it. We are very happy to discover this new brand, they are beautiful and good products !
Sherley , Allevard (38)
In addition to being part of a Qualitative and Environmental approach, the FIDELAMI range is really adapted to the needs of dogs and cats (without forgetting their owners!). "The must": each product is designed taking into account the particularities, the physical and physiological needs of dogs and cats, before being validated by the SPA. With FIDELAMI, everything starts from the Animal 😊 (and then, it changes everything!)
Anouk Meneghin , Ann'Immaliere auxiliary (38)
The Fidelami team even thought of the children with a cardboard hut kit delivered with its markers. Our daughter Appoline carefully decorated the one of our adopted cat during a whole afternoon. Welcome to your home Nalla !
Clémentine , Avressieux (73)
I love this grey felt pebble shelter from Fidelami. Neige has adopted it! It is for her, only for her. Finally she let me my place on the sofa.
Candice , Les Abrets en Dauphiné (38)
Olaf is not indifferent to the caresses and massages of our daughter Jeanne. The proof is in the picture, his look says it all. The Fidelami massage glove is his favorite accessory for moments of cuddling and sharing.
Emilie , St Geoire en Valdaine (38)

products for...

Your dog

Walking and playing are activities that your dog loves to share. They strengthen the bond between you and your dog and contribute to his balance. He needs to discover the outside world, sniff new smells, meet friends and play sports. Never forget to contribute to his social needs so that he can feel good about himself.

Your cat

Their strong personality makes them unique and unusual companions. Your cat is both playful and independent. Sometimes he worries us by disappearing but it is before reappearing at meal time or nap time. He loves your company and the most beautiful reward is certainly to hear him purr.





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The Society for the Protection of Animals is the first animal protection association in France. It was created in 1845 and recognised as a public utility in 1860. The SPA acts daily to ensure the protection and defence of animals. For more information:


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